Supporting and empowering young women through cancer

Carol Service

Highlights of this year’s Victoria’s Promise Carol Service

Our Mission

Our mission, starting with young women, is to make certain that every individual going through cancer, is provided with personalised support and treatment services that best increase the chance of survival and quality of life.

To be a progressive force for cancer prevention; researching and communicating information that will drastically reduce the number of cancer occurrences and recurrences.

“The support from Victoria’s Promise has changed everything in my life. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like now had I not found Victoria’s Promise. The needs that Victoria’s Promise meet, are absolutely huge.”


Who We Are, What We Do

  • VP support the health and wellbeing of young women with cancer every step of their journey
  • VP care for, empower and inspire young women with cancer, improving their quality of life and chances of survival (by addressing critical needs in practical, social, emotional and physical care)
  • VP supports the young children and partners of young women with cancer through specialist counselling, childcare and cleaning
  • VP partner with UCL, NHS, public health and businesses to improve the health and wellbeing of the population in the prevention of cancer
  • VP work for a world without cancer, through research, prevention and personalised care
  • VP are 100% privately funded and need your support

We work alongside the NHS to do all we can to maximise patient wellbeing

Our Approach

We believe in challenging cancer on three very crucial fronts. Firstly with prevention; with powerful research, sharing information, education and pioneering preventative methods, Victoria’s Promise aim to massively reduce the cancer incidence in the U.K. Secondly with support through cancer; we provide critical and impactful quality of life, physical and emotional supportive services to carry the individuals through their cancer diagnosis and beyond. Thirdly prevention of recurrence; Victoria’s Promise actively engages in aiding the reduction of recurrence and supporting recovery from cancer and cancer treatment.


Victoria's Promise Overview

Latest News

FREE "Wellbeing in Business" Workshops and Talks

The “Wellbeing In Business” talk is available to businesses of all sizes and is digestible, fast paced & eye-opening, designed to bring the latest in health & wellbeing to your office!

The powerful and popular talk was designed by a team of experts that included Drs of Functional Medicine and VP’s Director of Scientific Research from University of College London.

It provides information, facts, tricks & tools to stay informed and in control. To empower, inspire and boost you and your team’s mental health, immune system and productivity.

Contact us to find out more and book in your talk.

Preventing Illness

The latest studies suggest 43% of cancers could be prevented with simple lifestyle changes and up to 95% of cancers are attributed to lifestyle factors. Part of VP’s mission is to utilise this potential to drastically reduce the amount of cancer diagnosis and increase the survival rates in the UK.

Abel & Cole Team

“It was very informative and spot on for engagement, thank you for taking the time to visit us. We wanted it to be motivate change through engaging and interesting information, I feel like you definitely achieved that objective!”

Abel & Cole Team

Abel & Cole Team

“Thank you so much for coming in today; I learnt loads in the talk you gave and look forward to working with you going forward”

Abel & Cole Team

Marc C Muello

“I left extremely inspired to completely re-evaluate my approach to Health.”

Marc C. Muello

Jay Kubassek


Jay Kubassek

John Jackson

“Since leaving I have been working with my staff to create a better understanding around protecting their health and has really improved our working relationship.”

John Jackson


“It changed everything for me and has got me back on track, mentally and physically. You took something complex and made it simple and impactful.”


Mary Rose Museum

“Thanks ever so much again, the team are very reflective…it meant a lot to all of us.”

Mary Rose Museum

Alex Eastman, Victoria's Promise Co-Founder

“With 1 in 2 of us estimated to develop cancer, 1 in 4 adults obese and mental health issues rising rapidly, especially in the work place, it has never been more important to understand how to safeguard yourself and those that are important to you.”

Alex Eastman

Victoria’s Promise Co-Founder

Ellen, Head of Marketing, Reassured Ltd

“I found it really useful to learn how a bad diet and lifestyle can impact your health both now and in the future. Being in my 20’s, it’s easy to think ‘because I’m young, I’ll be fine’ but actually being part of the seminar helped me understand that investing in my health and fuelling my body well now, means that I’m less likely to suffer any illnesses later in life – and if I do, my immune system will be strong and healthy enough to try and fight it off! I’m really pleased that I took the time to learn more and am enjoying taking control of my diet and lifestyle!!”


Head of Marketing, Reassured Ltd

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