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Victoria Van der Westhuizen

Thousands of tributes poured in for Victoria after her tragic passing. Each of them outlining a plethora of charming qualities that Victoria held, all of them stating that it was hard to encapsulate just how much of a wonderfully warm, fun and spirited person Vicki was with just a collection of words and superlatives. She managed to touch lives almost instantly. People have spoken of chance meetings with her that had completely changed their outlook.

Victoria loved people. She wanted to be around them all the time. She would laugh with gargantuan infectiousness at a joke or anecdote, and listen with intense care and focus at the offering of knowledge. Victoria had the special and unique ability to bring to the forefront the best in those that she met and shared her time with, elevating those around her whilst herself remaining humble and unaware of her own gifts and comforting presence.

It is easy to wax lyrical about those that have passed. However, every now and then an individual passes through our existence worthy of our plaudits. A light that seems to not just shine more brightly, but offer warmth to those lucky enough to bask in it’s fascinating glory. Victoria was most certainly one of those individuals.

Victoria wore her heart on her sleeve and experienced the full range of the emotional spectrum on a daily basis, cramming weeks of drama, fun, laughter, sadness and inquisition into mere hours. Perhaps that’s why her time seemed to be brief because she lived it with the effervescence and vitality most can only be in awe of.

Danced like no one was watching, sung like no one was listening and played like no one was judging. Child like enthusiasm, with elderly wisdom.

The world suffered a great loss when Vicki passed but it gained a greater victory by being graced by her presence.

She will be sorely missed, forever loved and her legacy will go on to help others feel the care that emanated from her.


That’s our Promise.

No matter how rich the English language is, no matter how detailed an account or how stunning a picture, as pictures of Vicks always are, it would not be enough to convey Vicks beauty. A beauty, inside and out, that I have never before encountered nor do I imagine I will again.

Lauren Saunders


Memories of Victoria Van Der Westhuizen