Creative Journaling



Apollo Hotel


June 12th 2019

6:30pm – 8:30pm


Deborah Porter

Creative Artist

Event Information

Art journaling is a visual conversation with yourself. 

This will be a Taster Art Journaling creative wellbeing workshop.Its about being authentic, processing how you feel and getting your internal self onto the page. We use instinctive colours, collage to process our memories, express our lives and experiences onto our journals.

It about self care, discovery and fun!

What is Art Journaling

You process your feelings and thoughts

Relieves anxiety, stress and builds your self esteem

You find a deeper sense of yourself

ART FOR ALL its fun, there are no rules

Through the use of mixed media and guidance you will learn to art journal using cathartic techniques like free flow writing and collage in the workshop you will create your own double page spread.

You will be shown how to creatively process your thoughts and feeling visually.

Art journaling is about the process rather than you creating pretty pictures. It allows you to be honest and work through your emotions whilst having fun playing with mixed media, stamping and letting go.

No art experience needed.


Deborah Porter

I sold my first piece of art in Harvey Nichols whilst studying fine art in London. My work has appeared in Tatler and I have worked as a published illustrator and designer before moving to France. My art in The Alps was inspired by nature with bold colourful abstract art reflecting the dramatic changing seasons in the powerful mountains.

My work is layered and colourful and authentic. As an artist I explore lots of different mediums but am always drawn to collage and print. I admit to a hoarding habit of strange, quirky and beautiful images some over 50 years old which eventually find their way into my journaling.


Basing Room,
Apollo Hotel,
Aldermaston Roundabout
RG24 9NU

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