Emotional Freedom Technique



Apollo Hotel


November 27th, 2019

6:30pm – 8:30pm


Maggie Marsland

Holistic Life Coach

Event Information

Come join us at Rawberry this month for some relaxation and stress relief with an EFT practitioner.  She will be able to help us get over some fears and stresses that might be coming up for us (like the fear of cancer coming back etc) and help us with some techniques to deal with anxiety.  

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) is a non-invasive, easy to learn therapy which can be self-applied.  Although not yet accepted as an evidence based therapy, recent clinical trials have tentatively indicated that EFT is extremely effective for trauma, anxiety and stress.

It is also used by medical professionals, in clinical practices and in an NHS oncology unit, where EFT has also been used to alleviate pain and the side effects of cancer treatment and help with the inherent emotional challenges.

EFT may also be referred to as ‘meridian therapy’, ‘tapping therapy’ or ‘energy psychology’. It is often described as being similar to acupuncture but instead of using needles, the meridian points are gently tapped with the fingertips. EFT is a relatively new branch of complementary therapy that also utilises the mind/body* energy system to bring about positive changes in emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

There was a 2012 study in which tapping was found to reduce a stress hormone called cortisol by 24 percent after one hour of tapping. The Mayo Clinic says cortisol is our primary stress hormone that helps people respond to stress in the moment, but when people are chronically stressed — such as throughout cancer treatment — cortisol can negatively affect the immune system, digestive system, inflammation levels and parts of the brain that influence mood, motivation and fear.

If you are new to our VP MeetUps, we are a very friendly group and you will find a warm welcome! 

This will be a really great chance to find out more and catch up with everyone else afterwards too 🙂 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Maggie Marsland

Do you find it hard to switch off and relax? Does the stress of everyday life sometimes get on top of you? Are anxious thoughts often at the back of your mind? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed with everything that you have on your plate right now? If so – take heart. You’re not alone and practical help is at hand!

As a Holistic Life Coach, some of the most common issues that I help people with are stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Circumstances vary from person to person but the modality that I use most often –with people from all walks of life – is called EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, alsoknown as “tapping.”

Used on its own, or in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques, EFT can help with a wide range of issues from PTSD to fear of public speaking. And just about everything else in between! The good news is that EFT is becoming more accepted in conventional medical circles with some research studies now detailed on the NHS website under the NICE “evidence search” section.

A powerful yet gentle tool, EFT can easily be learned on a basic level so that you can use it yourself to feel calmer and more “present” in your day-to-day life. I look forward to meeting you and to teaching you how to tap – and to sharing some helpful and holistic life tips along the way!


Apollo Hotel,
Aldermaston Rd Roundabout,
Basingstoke RG24 9NU

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