VP Sing Along


Micheldever Station


November 15th 2019

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Choir Leader

Joh Foster

Choir Leader

Event Information

We are so proud to bring you the new monthly VP Sing-Alongs!  We meet on the first Friday of every month at the Warren Centre in Micheldever Station.

This brings all of our ladies in the VP Affinity together to sing just for the health of it! We sing modern, fun songs that lift our spirits and bring the feel good factor in every month!

There is so much research to show how amazing singing together as a choir is for our health.  The VP Sing-Alongs are tailored to women aged 21 to 45 so we are singing songs that we love that are modern.

Study after study has showed that choirs are effective at reducing anxiety and depression,  while having a positive impact on biological markers related to stress, immune function and inflammatory response.

Choir members’ cortisol (a stress hormone) drops lower after choir rehearsal and the members’ endorphin and oxytocin levels rose which relates to  just being in the same room with other lovely ladies going through a similar experience.

Singing as a group also boosts your immune function and inflammatory response in the body, both of which may be linked to the body’s ability to fight serious illnesses including cancer.  We know that high levels of inflammation are associated with many mental health conditions including depression.

“Mood particularly improved for those with a lower state of mental wellbeing beforehand, and stress appeared to decrease the most in those who were initially more anxious and had higher depression levels.” NHS Website

Singing at home or at full pelt in your car is great fun, but it is the effect of coming together and singing that brings these amazing healing benefits to mind body and soul.  We are stronger together, come and sing with us!

You will never be asked to sing alone and you do not even need to be able to sing!  This is just singing fun songs together to take our minds off of cancer and to bring all of these health benefits through! 

Singing just for the health of it!


Joh Foster

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The Warren Centre, Andover Rd, Winchester SO21 3AR

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We are delighted that you have found your way to the affinity. We can’t wait to welcome you into the community!

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