Austins Longs Peak Hike to raise awareness for VP & Promise Bears NFT Launch

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Having launched our collection of Promise Bears NFTs earlier this month, we are so thrilled with the awareness it has created across many parts of the world, and in particular in America, where Austin Weavers lives in Florida and was inspired to get on board and become one of our first international supporters.

Austin writes:

There were many reasons that I was inspired to hike for Victoria’s Promise.

Personally, my journey started in the crypto space as a collector and a fellow amateur artist. When I first saw Penny Crayon’s creations, I couldn’t help but spend my extra days waiting for her drops. So I might collect a character that I identified with. It happened many times, so much so that I haven’t sold one of my Penny Crayon NFTs because I identify with each one so much. I call them my heist crew. I need to come up with a funny Oceans 11-themed name for them.

The moment I caught wind that she was starting a new project my pulse immediately went to 110 with excitement ha-ha! When I learned that she would be working with a charity foundation centered on helping young women through cancer, I couldn’t wait to give my support. Personally, my family has been affected by cancer so I immediately connected with Victoria’s Promise organization.

When I saw the release of the Promise Bears NFT I went for a hike that weekend. Thinking to myself while I was hiking, I asked myself how could I inspire other people to connect the same way I have. How can I get more people involved in the crypto space and in the real world that haven’t heard about Algo or Victoria’s Promise?

Right there on the mountain, it came to me. When I was a kid in elementary school once a year the school would open the entire school grounds to make a mile-long track. Whoever could run the most miles, a charity supporter would donate that much money to a charity foundation. I could organize a similar charitable event but instead of running a marathon, I could be hiking!

I contacted Penny with my idea of hiking where we could have bets on my success, how many miles, and whatever people wanted to bet on could place wagers to benefit the Victoria’s Promise charity. My idea was to inspire and Longs Peak is big and beautiful scenery. Penny also had the great idea to mint photos of the journey and raffle them off for the same charitable benefit.

I was already planning on hiking Longs Peak everything lined up!
Penny organized the event with only a few days, and made it so I could focus on hiking! With that fire under my wings, all that was left to do is start hiking!

I hike Longs Peak each year on the full moon in August. It’s generally so big a full moon, that you don’t need a headlamp. Clear sky, crisp air, and brightest stars. I thought it would give the ladies at Victoria’s Promise and the individuals bidding on the photography the best opportunity to see Colorado at her finest!

This year I encountered some new challenges I wasn’t prepared for. You always want to have a hiking buddy, it is safer and you can split up the weight of shared necessities. My Hiking partner couldn’t continue. So I had to complete the adventure solo. I packed lighter than I normally do so I could summit faster and easier. Longs is 5K feet of elevation gain so any weight savings is beneficial. I ran out of water not once but twice. Once on the ascent, I’m still mad at myself for that one, and once because I was drinking much more water on the descent than I anticipated. Also losing my hiking buddy I lost the motivation of comradery, which gave me new insight that simply being there can make a huge difference!

To put it lightly, it’s a stressful situation. Every step you want to turn around, you question why you made that decision to keep going, should I keep going now, your body wants you to quit. Quitting becomes so attractive you almost start to justify it to yourself. In those moments I turn to a source of motivation. I knew if I made it to the top I could inspire not only myself to go further, but countless others that they can too! Personally, whenever someone shares their experience of their form of perseverance it fires me up! Sharing my own story could help someone get to the top of their mountain.

long peaks 1
long peaks 2

One foot in front of the other, on my hands and knees at times, I made it to the summit! Right before 11 AM MST!

This just marked half of the trip, so it was time for me to boogie down the mountain. I call it controlled falling down the mountain ha-ha! You’re so exhausted your steps are a little bit clumsy. I got some rain towards the end of the hike to cool things off a little bit. That was the reprieve I needed!

After the hike Penny, the Agorand Family, and I were able to raise 245 Algo through the photos and wagers taken. Penny graciously doubled the contribution to make the total of 495 Algo to be donated to Victoria’s Promise. It makes me feel a great sense of fulfillment. I feel though that I was able to give more than just a monetary amount of money, but also an inspiration for others to get involved! My goal is to be the gateway for the first American Victoria’s Promise sponsee!

In the future, I would like to do a followup to the Longs Peak Honorary Hike. Maybe call it something like “The Fall Followup” in late September. Our fall in Colorado is legendary!


A massive thank you to Austin! Welcome to the Victoria’s Promise family – You’re a legend and we are so grateful to you.

Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean – Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021

Anna Victorious is a four-man crew who will row the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in December 2021 to raise the profile of and money for the charity, Victoria’s Promise.

The race will see the Anna Victorious team, Ed, Rob, Adam and Jack, row over 3000 miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua, anticipating waves of up to 20ft and row 2 hours on 2 hours off for approximately 35 days dealing with sleep deprivation and lose upto 20% of their bodyweight.

This monumental physical and mental challenge was inspired by Anna, a former Firearms Police Officer who died of cancer in 2018 aged just 38. Anna was wife to Ed and Mum to Alba who was 18 months old when Anna passed away. Anna Victorious wants to continue Anna’s legacy of inspiring and empowering people to follow their dreams, stop talking and start doing.

Victoria’s Promise provided Anna, Ed and Alba with invaluable support during her illness which included counselling, house cleaning, specialist beauty treatments and live workshops. Her husband and three of her friends now want to raise awareness of the charity so that more young women, and their families, can get the help and support that they so desperately need following the devastating diagnosis of cancer.

The charity had such a huge impact on Anna and her family that Ed now works for the
charity full time as their fundraising manager.

If you’d like to find out more and support Ed and the team on their incredibly brave Atlantic row, please visit their website below.

Victoria’s Promise New Website Launch

More exciting news at Victoria’s Promise, we’ve just launched our brand new website which is another step closer to us reaching and helping thousands more across the country.

VP Community App Launch

We’re so please to announce the Victoria’s Promise Community App that we’ve just launched to start building a supportive community for our ladies and their families. 

Our new app allows us to help nation-wide and reach thousands more people than we ever have before.

We’re so please to announce the Victoria’s Promise Community App that we’ve just launched to start building a supportive community for our ladies and their families. 

Our new app allows us to help nation-wide and reach thousands more people than we ever have before.

The Victoria’s Promise App is a private community app available to women everywhere aged between 18 and 50. Our Community App offers the opportunity to meet other women of similar age and similar lifestyle, who get what you are going through, for friendship and support, so that they feel a community spirit with those on a similar journey to themselves. Not only do we have this community for our VP Ladies, but their family are welcome to join their own private ‘room’ ( Husband/ Partner, Mothers, Fathers and Siblings private chat) to connect with other family members of other women going through a similar journey.

If you’d like to find out more or even apply to register on the app, click the button below.

How Vitamin D Can Help To Prevent Cancer

With the weather finally heating up, the big question is what is healthy when it comes to the sun? As we know, too much UV radiation can damage DNA in your skin cells and can cause cancer. However, there are also many benefits to the right amount of exposure!

Vitamin D is widely known to promote calcium absorptions in the gut, ensure appropriate bone growth and now, lower chances of cancer.

A Research study carried out by a team in Japan from the National Cancer Centre concluded that people with higher levels of Vitamin D had a 22% lower chance of being diagnosed with Cancer. There was also strong statistical evidence that people with high vitamin D levels were 55% less likely to be diagnosed with liver cancer. Another report from Michigan State University stated that if taken for more than three years, Vitamin D may add years to life for those who are currently suffering from cancer.

Although statistics may be low it is important to maintain the intake of vitamin D for general health! With summer approaching its important that you get outside and soak in the sun! But also be mindful of wearing sunscreen and keeping hydrated in the heat.

Here a few tips to make sure you’re getting the right information about of Vitamin D:

  • You need at least 15 minutes of sun exposure between 10 am – 3 pm several times a week, whether that’s opting to walk to the shops or just sitting outside on your break, a small amount of such each day does a world of good. People with darker skin will need to spend more time in the sun as higher levels of melanin can inhibit vitamin D production.
  • As well as the sun you can also absorb vitamin D through food. Meals containing oily fish such as tuna, mackerel and egg yolks contain a high amount of vitamin D.
  • Supplements are also another option to increase your intake of vitamin D and are easy to purchase from your nearest supermarket. Vegan supplements are also available which can be found in speciality health stores or online.
  • Always make sure you are wearing sun cream and staying hydrated whenever you are out. Check out our recent re-post of the article ‘SPF, UVA, UVB: Sun Cream Explained’ to understand why suncream is so important and which type you should be using!

Stay safe and soak in that vitamin D peeps!


The Party in the Park 2019

On the 8th of June, Victoria’s Promise hosted the Party in the Park at Hartlett’s Park in Hook. For those of you who were there, you will know what a truly wonderful day the attendees and volunteers enjoyed. The Rock Choir and Clique Duo kicked off the day before a very warm welcome from the Co-Founder of the charity, Alexander Eastman.

Children were busy either bouncing off each other in Zorb Balls, getting creative in the Pop Up Play Village or getting their faces painted by the wonderful Sarah Kennedy. The ever-funky So-Real carried the event into the evening with covers of Stevie Wonder and other funk/soul hits. The food and drink fuelled the boogie-focused attendees and as the evening drew closer spirits were certainly high. The day was only made better by the fantastic weather, even the short spell of rain created a beautiful double rainbow that served as a magical backdrop to the stages. The penultimate act, The Ganchos, brought an undeniable energy on stage paving the way for the final act, The Rollright Stones. They closed off with ‘Hey Jude’ but the audience were still not wanting the night to end and two encore songs were played.

Overall, the day was a huge success in regards to both the fundraising and the joyous event itself. Victoria’s Promise are so thankful to the bands, the volunteers and all those involved in making the Party in the Park such a success. As well, we would like to extend our gratitude to all of you that came to the event, as well as the local community, you made the first Victoria’s Promise Party in the Park a memorable experience for all.Fundraising events like The Party in the Park are essential to Victoria’s Promise continuing it’s journey in helping young women and their families. We have lots of events coming up so please check out our website for more info, we’re particularly looking forward to our VP Golf Day on the 11th of September.

With Love,
Team VP X

Sound Therapy – Mindful Vibrations by Dave Tipper

Working with sound, mindfulness and yoga is my passion. I truly believe that these practices should be accessible to everyone and specialise in working within the complete spectrum of age groups and abilities. As a trained academic teacher and with a number of years experience under my belt, I also have a very good understanding of working with young people in education.

My Interest in sound therapy was born from a love for alternative instruments such as didgeridoo, gongs and drums. My style and approach to sound therapy practice has developed from my initial training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and seven years of personal and professional practice. I can still recall the wonderful moment when my deep love for music fused with my desire to help people on a therapeutic level.

The practice of sound therapy is not a new concept although has very much come into popular practice in recent years. I use therapeutic sound, often in combination with yoga and mindfulness techniques, on a 121 level or within groups. By using specific sounds of varying tone and frequency (instrumental or voice) it is possible to influence both mental and physical wellbeing. This is often practiced using the popular ‘sound bath’ approach which allows the mind and body to deeply relax and unwind through the immersion of therapeutic sound techniques. During a sound bath you are bathed in sounds produced by instruments such as Himalayan, Nepalese, crystal singing bowls, gong and percussion.

These powerful tools can help you feel a sense of inner peace and offer the opportunity for deep self-reflection. The sound vibrations produced can be likened to the physically softening effect of a gentle body massage. It also has the benefit of being applicable and accessible to anyone so is particularly useful when working with people with disabilities or health problems. Nada Sound Therapy is here to provide support, guidance and to help you towards better health and wellbeing.

Written by – David Tipper

The Victoria’s Promise Ball 2018

Old and new supporters, gathered at the De Vere Beaumont Estate in Windsor, to celebrate our Fourth Annual Ball last month. Our biggest ball to date, boasting a grand amount of 258 guests, started with a drinks reception and a greeting from our portrait photographer Katie, on the purple carpet.

Dresses were sparkling and drinks were flowing as guests were asked to take their seats by master of ceremonies and co-founder, Alex Eastman.

“These walls they will remember, why we came together.

The impact we make in this room will last for some, forever.

So here’s my call, I ask you all, if you believe what I believe.

Then tonight I ask we stand up tall, and let’s see what we achieve.”

Alex’s evening began by terrifying his girlfriend Laura, with a lighthearted joke about performing a dance they had recently learnt in India for a wedding, to the 256 other guests in the room. Unbeknownst to both Alex and Laura, bidding for said dance impromptuly started and quickly escalated to a staggering £1000, from the incredibly generous Alexis Lewis.

As true team players, the dance began, wobbly at first with the only sound of music coming from Alex’s mouth, until the rest of the audience joined in, with clapping, cheering and great deal of humming.

The dance was quickly followed by a traditional game of Heads and Tails as the starters were brought out, with the role of the “tosser” being passed down to our original tossers eldest son, Ross Power.

After a much quicker game than last years intense finale, the winner was announced as Quintin Alvares, winning a Nintendo Switch Package!

Amongst the beautiful display of finery on each table, guests also found iPads, which were sponsored by our generous friends over at Givergy, for live bidding on the silent auction that was running throughout the evening. Keeping up to date with who was bidding on what, the current winner was continuously updated on the big screen, resulting in a (not-so) silent battle between Greg Thorpe and Tim Hearson at opposing ends of the room, fighting head to head for the finest suite at The Dorchester.

The raffle began with some guests paying up to £100 for raffle tickets to be in for a chance of winning prizes from GHD, Aspinal of London and Swarovski.

The Lucky Winner Ticket went to Emma Hatto who took home a magnum of champagne and a Five Supercar Blast and Hot Ride experience day.

As guests enjoyed their main course, which was a menu designed by Jackie Kearney, award winning author and Masterchef finalist, the evening was well underway as the speeches started. General Manager, Dino Rakitzis kicked off the speeches with an update for the community on the progress that has been made since the last ball.

Followed by Trustees and Co-Founders Fiona Eastman and CJ van der Westhuizen awarding the Victoria van der Westhuizen Special Honour Award to our very own Sophie Trew who helped us kickstart our Women’s Networks in Basingstoke, London and now Guildford in the last year. The ball was bittersweet for Sophie, as it was her last event as one of the team before she moves on, outside of the cancer sphere. So we had to say goodbye and thank you in the most memorable way we could think of.

The nominees for the Victoria van der Westhuizen Special Honour Award were:

  • Sophie Trew
  • Helen O’Neill
  • Jane Hutchison
  • Gerda Bennet
  • Scott Blofeld
  • Karen Woodhouse
  • Lorraine Bland
  • Gareth Wright
  • Amber Whalley

We were honoured to have some of the ladies we support at this years ball, who gave beautiful and heartfelt speeches on the impact VP has had on their lives since their cancer diagnoses. Vicki Pini, Anita Winberg and Louisa Gordon. The last lady to speak was Mandy Chard who was treated at Winchester Hospital. She spoke about the importance of getting our services to Winchester and how impactful that support would have been at an incredibly life-changing and vulnerable time, thanking the community for all they are doing to move that campaign forward.

Speeches finished with our final Trustee and Co-Founder Stuart Ross, who gave a beautiful testimony to his cousin Vicki as well as a rousing announcement of our VP community campaign, encouraging our supporters to join our monthly donation programme and just how impactful that support will be.

The live auction was conducted by the most professional of auctioneers, Alex (with a couple of guests thinking we had actually hired him for the evening!) With the two highest auction lots, a weeks long stay in an elegant and rustic villa in Greece, going for £3500 to Ash Burley and dinner at the BT Tower, also going for £3500 to Kim Tilley.

After the live auction finished, our resident band The Somebody’s took to the stage, filling the dance floor within minutes, where our guests partied and danced the rest of the night away.

We are delighted to announce, with thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered, contributed and donated, that our Fourth Annual Ball raised £69,114. An amount that will go an extraordinary distance in supporting young women through cancer.

Next years date is confirmed for March the 16th – make sure you get it in your diaries now!