Sound Therapy – Mindful Vibrations

Sound Therapy – Mindful Vibrations

Working with sound, mindfulness and yoga is my passion. I truly believe that these practices should be accessible to everyone and specialise in working within the complete spectrum of age groups and abilities. As a trained academic teacher and with a number of years experience under my belt, I also have a very good understanding of working with young people in education. 

My Interest in sound therapy was born from a love for alternative instruments such as didgeridoo, gongs and drums. My style and approach to sound therapy practice has developed from my initial training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and seven years of personal and professional practice. I can still recall the wonderful moment when my deep love for music fused with my desire to help people on a therapeutic level.


The practice of sound therapy is not a new concept although has very much come into popular practice in recent years. I use therapeutic sound, often in combination with yoga and mindfulness techniques, on a 121 level or within groups. By using specific sounds of varying tone and frequency (instrumental or voice) it is possible to influence both mental and physical wellbeing. This is often practiced using the popular ‘sound bath’ approach which allows the mind and body to deeply relax and unwind through the immersion of therapeutic sound techniques. During a sound bath you are bathed in sounds produced by instruments such as Himalayan, Nepalese, crystal singing bowls, gong and percussion.

These powerful tools can help you feel a sense of inner peace and offer the opportunity for deep self-reflection. The sound vibrations produced can be likened to the physically softening effect of a gentle body massage. It also has the benefit of being applicable and accessible to anyone so is particularly useful when working with people with disabilities or health problems. Nada Sound Therapy is here to provide support, guidance and to help you towards better health and wellbeing.

Written by – David Tipper

If you are a VIP and are interested in attending the sound therapy affinity workshop on the 8th of May in Winchester’s Rawberry cafe, then e-mail Alternatively if you would like to find out more about our affinity workshops click here. We are excited to see you there!!


World Health Day

World Health Day

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year, which is something we are incredibly passionate about.

Therefore, what a better day to introduce a new service that we are offering to businesses. Our VP Wellbeing, Team Building and Training workshops are available to any business, from small, independent companies – to large conglomerates. At the workshops, you can expect a mixture of engaging talks. challenges, team building activities and expert lead workshops, to motivate employees by helping them take control of their health and wellbeing.


We chatted to our General Manager Dino, to find out more about the VP Wellbeing, Team Building and Training workshops.

What is it?

A programme to encourage employees to take ownership of their health by giving them direction, tips, motivation and actionable ideas.

Who is it for? 

It’s for anyone in an environment where they find themselves sitting for most of the day. For anyone who is interested in improving their performance, productivity and overall happiness and wellbeing, as well as for leaders who want to get the most from their staff.

Where is this available? 

Currently we are running workshops in Surrey, Hampshire and London, but we are in the process of becoming nationwide.

How long is the workshop?

There are two types of workshops available, we offer either half a day or a full day.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Give us a group of engaged employees and we will do the rest. We come to you and work around your office location and environment.


When is it available?


How many employees can be on the workshop?

We offer anything from 20 people for an intimate training day, to 200 people for a company wide event.

Who do I contact?

Me! Email and I would love to chat further with you.

Victoria’s Promise and Sushi Gourmet Join Forces

Victoria’s Promise and Sushi Gourmet Join Forces

We all know that incorporating healthy eating into our daily lives is crucial, but like all good things it is isn’t always easy. If you’re a busy person, out and about, jumping from meetings, to the gym, to socialising, to work, you often find yourself with little time to spend searching for the ‘healthy option’, making it difficult to prioritise your health.

Fortunately, there are a few companies who are driven to make healthy eating easier which is why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Sushi Gourmet, the new concept for buying and sampling sushi in supermarkets.

You’ve probably seen Sushi Gourmet concessions popping up in your local supermarkets and wondered how you got so lucky to be able to eat delicious, varied, healthy food whilst standing in the middle of Sainsbury’s with a trolley full of iceberg lettuce (bore me later). You can eat it on the go, or maybe stock up the fridge, because let’s be honest, cooking healthy food, quickly, which actually tastes good is not a simple task. I have to say, when I was working as a Management Consultant spending half my week in hotels, eating room service and watching Netflix, finding a Sushi concession at the Sainsbury’s on my drive home was as welcome as a warm cuddle.

Sushi Gourmet have been incredibly supportive of Victoria’a Promise and we’re delighted that they’ve launched a limited edition ‘VP Box of the Month’ designed by Sushi Gourmet Chefs created with a ‘reduce your cancer risk with nutrition’ guide (created by us). The box is available for 6 weeks in selected Sainsbury’s stores across the UK and 50p of every box goes straight to Victoria’s Promise to help further the work we’re doing.

We’re so grateful to Sushi Gourmet and to Jason Danciger, Managing Director,

“At Sushi Gourmet we are passionate about the environment we live in, the produce we source and the impact this has on the community. Victoria’s Promise is a fabulous and invaluable cause that is close to our team’s heart – the synergy through healthy eating is inspiring to all of us. They’re doing an amazing job generating positive and fulfilling calls to action and we are delighted to be supporting them in a small way.”

With 43% of cancers said to be preventable through minor changes in diet and lifestyle, what better place to start then swapping your uninspiring sandwich for a box of sushi, whilst knowing that part of your money is going towards Victoria’s Promise, such a win win

Click on this video so you can see exactly what you’re looking for 🙂

We’d love to see photos of you enjoying your VP Sushi box! Tag us in photos on Instagram @victoriaspromise or on Facebook #VPxSG

How to eat to prevent illness and promote life

Challenging Cancer Treatment on World Cancer Day

Challenging Cancer Treatment on World Cancer Day

Today, 4th February, marks World Cancer Day. A day to unite on the fight against cancer in a world where one in two of us will receive a diagnosis in our life time. For some, this will come far too soon as over 2200 young people are diagnosed with cancer every year.
Our Personal Care Manager, Sophie Trew, 25, from Hampshire is well aware of the statistics. In 2013, at the young age of 23, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Following six months of chemotherapy, she is now in recovery. In 2015 Sophie founded Trew Talks, an initiative that aims to encourage discussion about ways to challenge cancer. Each week she posts a new video covering topics such as nutrition, natural healing and mindfulness, all based on her own experiences. Explaining her motivation for starting the blog, Sophie said:

“The amount of people dying from cancer around me and the lack of information inspired me to start Trew Talks. I’m sharing everything that worked for me on a variety of topics in different videos over the next year calling the series 52 Ways to Challenge Cancer.”

Read the full article

The Latest News from Victoria’s Promise

Waitrose Community Matters

Waitrose Community Matters

Every month, each Waitrose store chooses three charities to take part in the community matters scheme. At the till point you can collect a green token which you then place into the charities box. During January Victoria’s Promise is one of the charities chosen by the Basingstoke store. At the end of the month we will receive a share of £1000 depending on how many tokens we get in our box! So please, if you are shopping in Waitrose this month, remember to pick up your green token and pop it in our box!

Basingstoke Half Marathon

Basingstoke Half Marathon 

We have 11 charity places available for the Basingstoke Half Marathon. Voted one of the top 10 half marathons in the UK since 2011, this is one not to be missed! Pledge to raise £100 for Victoria’s Promise and we’ll give you a place free of charge! Get in touch with Sarah on to claim your place!

Quiz Night

Pub Quiz – Hook – 3rd February

On Wednesday 3rd February, The Raven pub in Hook is holding a quiz night in aid of Victoria’s Promise. It costs £9.99 per person, and this includes bangers and mash!! Get your teams together and join us there from 7.30pm! Contact the Raven on 01256 762541 to book your table!

Meet Christmas Fundraising 

At the beginning of December, Meet chose Victoria’s Promise as their Christmas charity! Throughout the month, both the New York and London team got involved in fundraising, from a Christmas raffle with some amazing prizes, to Christmas jumper days! The team have raised an amazing £1500!! Huge well done on achieving this incredible amount, and thank you!!

Rotations Charity Shop

The Rotations Charity shop in Whitchurch allows different charities to make use of it each week. Victoria’s Promise are taking over the shop from 10th to 24th November 2016! We’ll be looking for volunteers and stock closer to the time! If you’d like to volunteer at the shop please fill out the form here.

Basingstoke Gazette

#RedCUpCheer feature in the Gazette

In December, we took part in the Starbucks #Redcupcheer campaign. You all got involved and made a lot of noise on twitter, and helped us receive a £1000 grant. This week the Basingstoke Gazette reported on this, if you missed the article, here it is!

2015 Fundraisers

Fundraising in 2016

During 2015, you helped us raise over £30000 to support young women through cancer. This has allowed us to train 3 specialist beauticians and begin offering support to women undergoing treatment for cancer at the Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital. We’ve already got participants signed up for Tough Mudder, the London Marathon, Kilimanjaro and the London Marathon Walk in 2016, and we’re looking forward to see what other challenges you take on!! We’ve pulled together some of our top fundraising hints and tips to help you on your way, as well as a list of events in 2016 we’d love to see you take part in!

Charity Challenges

20% Discount on Charity Challenges

Looking to take on a challenge in 2016? How about trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, or taking on the Great Wall of China? We’ve partnered with Charity Challenge, and currently have 20% off deposits until the end of Jan! That’s a saving of £90 if you fancy climbing Kilimanjaro, or £95 if you fancy cycling 350km round Cuba. What are you waiting for! Choose your challenge today and use the code NEWYEAR2016 to receive your 20% deposit discount.

The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club

In December the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club took part in a sweepstake at their monthly shoot, raising £205 for Victoria’s Promise! Thanks ladies!

Galaxy Hot Cholcolate Grants 

Victoria’s Promise have been nominated to win a £300 grant from Galaxy Hot Chocolate! All we need you to do it click here and cast your vote, then help spread the word and encourage others to do the same! Each week 5 charities will receive a grant – 4 chosen by judges, and one who receives the most votes! Thanks for your support!

We love to see all your fundraising photos and hearing your stories, please share them with us on social media so we can inspire others with your stories!
Introducing our Personal Care Manager

Introducing our Personal Care Manager

Victoria’s Promise is delighted to announce our latest recruit to the Victoria’s Promise family, Sophie Trew. Sophie will be taking on the roll of Personal Care Manager. A challenging role that offers so much value to the young women we aim to support. Sophie will be meeting with those that have recently received a diagnosis, to sit with them and explain how we will be helping them and what to expect, she will then be part of the hand-holding service that ensures all their needs are met throughout their treatment and beyond. Due to Sophies personal experiences, as well as research, skill-set and knowledge we have decided to increase the parameters of this role to include initiative research, communications and charity development. We are extremely proud to have someone so driven, personable and inspiring added to our ranks.

Introducing Sophie, Our personal Care Manager

Sophie had wanted to be a journalist since she could first start talking and interviewing people. Curious about the world and different cultures, her love for languages and travel meant she wanted to work as a foreign correspondent. The plan was somewhere Spanish speaking and salsa dancing. She studied Journalism at Sheffield University, doing placements for BBC Sheffield and the International NY Times in Paris on graduation. From Paris, she was fortunate to be awarded a foreign reporting scholarship to produce and direct a documentary in Colombia, an experience she found very special. Shortly after coming home aged 23, after a rocky time of wrong diagnosis’, she was diagnosed with lymphoma – a type of blood cancer. At this point, and during the six months of chemotherapy treatment, her perspective and life completely changed. She wanted to know why so many people were getting cancer and if there was anything we could do to help ourselves. After a lot of time spent housebound and researching she feels there are gaps in practical advice and more that can be done in support.
“The lessons I’ve learnt and the experiences I’ve had from being ill are so powerful that I wouldn’t take back the diagnosis. It has given me a real sense of purpose and determination to support other young women facing the illness. I was lucky to be treated on a Teenage Cancer Ward but others aren’t so fortunate. I know how important support is during your most vulnerable time and often many people don’t know where to turn, this can be very difficult. I’ve admired from afar the inspiring, passionate and honest efforts the Victoria’s Promise team has put out this year. It is a real honour to be joining them to work to fulfil the promise Victoria made, and in vital efforts to work together to improve the lives of young women on their cancer paths.”

Welcome to the team Sophie! we are very much looking forward to 2016 with you on board.