Flourish With Food

Today is Flourish Thursday and we’re taking a dive into the world of food! Something that’s not often spoken about is the loss of taste whilst undergoing some cancer treatments. Obviously, taste is a huge part of everyone’s day to day lives.As an answer to this issue, Ceri Harris, created The Velindre Cookbook. The cookbook includes plenty of delicious recipes uniquely crafted by cancer patients that have lost their taste due to chemotherapy as well as their story and stories from their families.

As well as the contributions from those facing cancer, top chefs, including Michelin star winner Chris Harrod, have also contributed original recipes to the book that are guaranteed to get the taste buds tingling. “It’s more than just a cook book. I wanted to create a legacy of people’s memories and food is something that brings everyone together.” Ceri’s said when describing the cook book.

Food is such a fundamental part of life that we often overlook just how magical the effects of it are. Whether it is the delicious recipes or the art of cooking, The Velindre Cookbook has so much to offer. The stories in the book will warm your heart as much as the recipes will light up your taste buds. The book has raised more than £10,000 as well as being nominated for the Gourmand World Cookbook awards in China. It is fantastic to see a passionate woman spreading such an incredible message in a fun and creative way.

If this has left you watering at the mouth follow this link for information on the cookbook – http://www.velindrefundraising.com/blog/velindre-cookbook