Louisa Gordon: Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Lisa

Personally, I really love how Victoria’s Promise understand the many areas of your life that cancer can affect.  The charity goes deeper than the obvious, and helps in areas I wouldn’t have thought I needed before this whole cancer journey began.
I had to have surgery for breast cancer, I also had my lymph nodes removed in my arm pit as the cancer had spread to there too.  I hadn’t realised that this would mean my arm will now find it difficult to drain the fluid properly. I was so glad to find out VP has a lovely Beauty Therapist, Lisa Fung Bowman- Hood who is trained in lymphatic drainage massage, to help me with this!
I’m not usually the type to get a massage, being rather ticklish, (I usually come out of a massage more tense then when I went in), but I could see a clear benefit for having a lymphatic drainage massage and I was pleasantly surprised at how gently and relaxing it was.
I caught Lisa off guard a little in this vlog but she still manages to get across how important and beneficial the massage is.  See how I got on in the video here:


By Louisa Gordon