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Austins Longs Peak Hike to raise awareness for VP & Promise Bears NFT Launch

Having launched our collection of Promise Bears NFTs earlier this month, we are so thrilled with the awareness it has created across many parts of the world, and in particular in America, where Austin Weavers lives in Florida and was inspired to get on board and become one of our first international supporters.

Austin writes:

There were many reasons that I was inspired to hike for Victoria’s Promise.

Personally, my journey started in the crypto space as a collector and a fellow amateur artist. When I first saw Penny Crayon’s creations, I couldn’t help but spend my extra days waiting for her drops. So I might collect a character that I identified with. It happened many times, so much so that I haven’t sold one of my Penny Crayon NFTs because I identify with each one so much. I call them my heist crew. I need to come up with a funny Oceans 11-themed name for them.

The moment I caught wind that she was starting a new project my pulse immediately went to 110 with excitement ha-ha! When I learned that she would be working with a charity foundation centered on helping young women through cancer, I couldn’t wait to give my support. Personally, my family has been affected by cancer so I immediately connected with Victoria’s Promise organization.

When I saw the release of the Promise Bears NFT I went for a hike that weekend. Thinking to myself while I was hiking, I asked myself how could I inspire other people to connect the same way I have. How can I get more people involved in the crypto space and in the real world that haven’t heard about Algo or Victoria’s Promise?

Right there on the mountain, it came to me. When I was a kid in elementary school once a year the school would open the entire school grounds to make a mile-long track. Whoever could run the most miles, a charity supporter would donate that much money to a charity foundation. I could organize a similar charitable event but instead of running a marathon, I could be hiking!

I contacted Penny with my idea of hiking where we could have bets on my success, how many miles, and whatever people wanted to bet on could place wagers to benefit the Victoria’s Promise charity. My idea was to inspire and Longs Peak is big and beautiful scenery. Penny also had the great idea to mint photos of the journey and raffle them off for the same charitable benefit.

I was already planning on hiking Longs Peak everything lined up!
Penny organized the event with only a few days, and made it so I could focus on hiking! With that fire under my wings, all that was left to do is start hiking!

I hike Longs Peak each year on the full moon in August. It’s generally so big a full moon, that you don’t need a headlamp. Clear sky, crisp air, and brightest stars. I thought it would give the ladies at Victoria’s Promise and the individuals bidding on the photography the best opportunity to see Colorado at her finest!

This year I encountered some new challenges I wasn’t prepared for. You always want to have a hiking buddy, it is safer and you can split up the weight of shared necessities. My Hiking partner couldn’t continue. So I had to complete the adventure solo. I packed lighter than I normally do so I could summit faster and easier. Longs is 5K feet of elevation gain so any weight savings is beneficial. I ran out of water not once but twice. Once on the ascent, I’m still mad at myself for that one, and once because I was drinking much more water on the descent than I anticipated. Also losing my hiking buddy I lost the motivation of comradery, which gave me new insight that simply being there can make a huge difference!

To put it lightly, it’s a stressful situation. Every step you want to turn around, you question why you made that decision to keep going, should I keep going now, your body wants you to quit. Quitting becomes so attractive you almost start to justify it to yourself. In those moments I turn to a source of motivation. I knew if I made it to the top I could inspire not only myself to go further, but countless others that they can too! Personally, whenever someone shares their experience of their form of perseverance it fires me up! Sharing my own story could help someone get to the top of their mountain.

long peaks 1
long peaks 2

One foot in front of the other, on my hands and knees at times, I made it to the summit! Right before 11 AM MST!

This just marked half of the trip, so it was time for me to boogie down the mountain. I call it controlled falling down the mountain ha-ha! You’re so exhausted your steps are a little bit clumsy. I got some rain towards the end of the hike to cool things off a little bit. That was the reprieve I needed!

After the hike Penny, the Agorand Family, and I were able to raise 245 Algo through the photos and wagers taken. Penny graciously doubled the contribution to make the total of 495 Algo to be donated to Victoria’s Promise. It makes me feel a great sense of fulfillment. I feel though that I was able to give more than just a monetary amount of money, but also an inspiration for others to get involved! My goal is to be the gateway for the first American Victoria’s Promise sponsee!

In the future, I would like to do a followup to the Longs Peak Honorary Hike. Maybe call it something like “The Fall Followup” in late September. Our fall in Colorado is legendary!


A massive thank you to Austin! Welcome to the Victoria’s Promise family – You’re a legend and we are so grateful to you.

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