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Hospital specific In-depth Systematic Care

Currently available at Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital & Royal County Hants Hospital
All services are funded and provided by Victoria’s Promise

We have carefully formulated our specialist services to provide a sphere of care, hand holding the women we support through cancer and beyond. We believe these services to be critical to the health, wellbeing and outcome for women with cancer. We look at the whole, and ensure that there is a practical, impactful and enjoyable service available to deal with the challenges synonymous with a cancer diagnosis.

systematic approach
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National Community of Young Women with Cancer

The VP affinity stronger together

The VP affinity is a free and inclusive community for women aged 18-45, who’s lives are touched by cancer to come together and flourish. As a member of the VP affinity (a ViP) our ladies get free access to our specially curated live workshops, designed to be fun and engaging with world class speakers to help our ladies through their cancer and beyond. Free access to our online community, with live webinars and powerful peer-to-peer conversations. The VP affinity brings together young women that are all going through similar experiences to learn, support and grow together. We believe in hope, in empowerment and in community and above all else, we believe in our ladies. We are stronger together.

VIP Services

Personal Care Guardian

Our care guardian and mentor works directly one-to-one with the women VP are supporting throughout their entire cancer journey and liaise with the hospital care team to ensure the young women have their needs met.



Having listened to their young women VP found that a huge hidden challenge of the illness is keeping up with housework and child care during treatment visits. VP therefore now provide domestic cleaning and child care services.


Keeping up with the housework can be difficult when going through certain types of treatment that leave you feeling fatigued. We want to ensure that our ladies have a peaceful, clean and relaxing environment to recover in. We have professional cleaners, to come in and give the house a blitz.


VP affinity

A thriving community of young women touched by cancer, supporting one another, learning and growing together in a fun, friendly and educational environment. Including live workshops run by specialist speakers that will improve wellbeing, where our ladies can meet others, socialise and support each other through their cancer journeys. Dramatically reducing feelings of isolation so often reported by young women dealing with cancer. As well as online forums and webinars.


Chemotherapy Beautician

Oncology trained beauticians trained in specialist skin care services, as well as non toxic products, and makeup tutorials for ladies that have lost their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows and are suffering with skin ailments, whilst also teaching which products are safe to use throughout their treatment.

Wig Provision

For those that lose their hair to chemotherapy and feel that a wig will help restore their confidence and sense of identity, VP fund and source high quality tailored wigs.


Oncology Massage

Specially trained, and oncology qualified massage therapists. Some of the only in the U.K insured and licensed to perform therapies with oncology patients. Therapies are formulated for relaxation, pain relief, promoting oxygenation and blood flow.


Yoga is an incredibly powerful practice. Not only is it hugely beneficial at a physical level, but the mental aspects are extremely powerful. Helping our VIP’s find balance and stillness as well as increasing their mobility and physical health throughout their treatment and beyond.



Extensively qualified and experienced counsellors are on hand immediately to work with the young women, their partners and children at the most difficult of times.


Hand-picked cancer coaches are there to support in practical positive steps forward with emotional challenges such as anxiety, stress and fear.

Education / Knowledge

(COMING SOON) VP Knowledge Hub

Access to VP knowledge hub, a collection of specially formulated advice and guidance from VP’s top experts in a variety of areas from fertility to Yoga.

Yvette Walker

For me Victoria Promise has given me practical support that I needed with the changes in my body, a safe place to talk and be supported by others, information and knowledge. Victoria Promise is not just another cancer charity, it is a network where we feel comfortable and safe, women from all different backgrounds, with the same goal. We are young and we want to live. We will beat cancer. VP is where lifelong friendships will be made..
nadine o'neill

Nadine O'Neill

The support provided by Victoria’s Promise stop you feeling like a patient, like a victim. They make you feel like you’re being properly looked after. I didn’t think anything positive would’ve come out of this past year, but Victoria’s Promise was that positivity. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Victoria’s Promise.

Erica Mudd

Victoria’s Promise and all you provided was a massive deal for me. To find someone else my age, with the same cancer as me was huge. It meant a lot to know I wasn’t on my own. You were always there. With someone who understands me. My counsellor was brilliant. I learnt how to think differently, positively, to let things go. I just wish I’d seen her earlier! As someone who has benefitted from the support of VP I know how much it means to me and how huge an impact it’s had on my recovery and treatment. Thank you isn’t enough. I’m so grateful for all you have done for me. This awesome charity have made the most difference to me since my diagnosis in the process of recovery. I’ve had access to a cleaner when I couldn’t do it myself, I’ve had access to counselling which has made a massive difference in moving on and dealing with the emotional journey, coaching to help me find a way through hell and out the other side, massages, beauty treatments, a makeover and the amazing women’s support network which has led me to make friends with the loveliest group of fellow women on this journey too. Victoria’s Promise are always at the end of the phone or an email and the advice has made THE biggest difference. I honestly don’t think I could have got through it all without them.