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Who are we?

Our Story

Our story

In the January of 2013, Victoria’s father passed away after a rigorous three year ordeal with cancer. This was not Victoria’s first experience of cancer, having seen her mother face cancer during Victoria’s youth and losing her grandmother to the illness shortly before. Victoria was in the early throws of grieving the loss of her father when, in November of that year, as a healthy, vibrant and energetic 29 year old, she was struck with her own cancer diagnosis.

Victoria was fully hospitalised with a rare and very aggressive cancer. CJ, her husband of not yet a year, Fiona, her mother, and Alexander, Victoria’s brother, moved into the hospital room with her, , making do with one armchair and a single pop up bed. to form a united front in supporting her back to health. During this time Victoria stated that she was going to overcome the disease and promised to go on to use her experiences to inspire and support others going through a similar ordeal.

Despite showing extraordinary courage and determination, Victoria’s health declined rapidly and tragically, in January 2014, Victoria was taken from her family and friends, short of a year after her father had passed. Her passing was felt by all that loved her and the loss impacted so greatly, so deeply, that her family knew they had to direct all of the love coming in for Victoria toward something positive, towards fulfilling her legacy, and uphold the promise she had her family make.

Having seen first-hand just how many additional and critical struggles Victoria and other young women go through, the family knew that this was the first place they had to address. Thus, Victoria’s Promise was born. A charity dedicated to supporting young women through cancer and beyond.


"I’ve had all the scary visions in a flash, but my overall vision is the gift that I am fighting to receive, not a material gift – but the gift of gratitude and possibility. Possibility to help others and remove the fear from life"


- Victoria

Excerpt from Victoria's
hospital journal




A community of young women discovering peace, joy connection and understanding, as they are supported and empowered to flourish through cancer.




The mission of Victoria’s Promise is to connect, support empower and serve its tribe, so that each individual may flourish through their journey with cancer.

Meet the beautiful

Victoria's Promise Team

We’re so grateful to be helped and supported by so many wonderful people. Take a look at some of the exceptional human beings that are involved in helping Victoria’s Promise make an impact.

The Duchess of Marlborough


Alexander Eastman

Co-Founder & Trustee

CJ- Van Der Westhuizen


Fiona Eastman

Co-Founder & CEO

Stuart Ross

Co-Founder & Trustee

James Buchan


vp team simon bower

Simon Bower


Lauren Saunders

Secretary & Legal

vp team kelly gauld

Kelly Gauld


vp team katrina narey

Katrina Narey

Head of Volunteers

vp team kim tilley

Kim Tilley


Barbara Francis


Dino Rakitzis


Lizzie Cundy


Dr Helen O'Neill


Mr Brendon Moran

Consultant Surgical Oncologist

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