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“The best way to beat cancer is to prevent it from happening.”

Alexander, Victoria’s Promise Co-founder.

The latest studies suggest 43% of cancers could be prevented with simple lifestyle changes and up to 95% of cancers are attributed to lifestyle factors. Part of VP’s mission is to utilise this potential to drastically reduce the amount of cancer diagnosis and increase the survival rates in the UK. Post treatment prevention of recurrence is critical to this. VP are committed to utilising the latest in scientific understanding, combined with understanding the drivers of human behaviours to dramatically reduce cancer prevalence.


Uncovering the genetic and epigenetic drivers of cancer, allows us to reverse engineer a prevention approach that will protect DNA from damage. Although only a small percentage of cancers are caused by inherited genetic defects, mutations and deletions within the DNA are central to the onset of cancer. By knowing how to reduce the amount of damage to our DNA, and by understanding how epigenetic factors work to “switch on and off” our genes, we can reduce the amount of damage. We combine this with an understanding of the metabolic processes that may be play a role in cancer development to create programmes, information and education to reduce cancer incidents.


Our Director of Scientific Research Dr Helen O’Neil has worked with us to set up research programmes within the University College London to help us better understand how to improve the quality of life of the women we support. As well as gain further scientific understanding as to how cancer can be prevented.


We believe that with high quality, digestible education tailored to the audience or individuals we can empower people to make behavioral and lifestyle changes that will not only reduce their chances of getting ill, but will promote the quality of their life in the short term. We believe that we can harness the power of technology and accessibility of personal health testing to give trackable, novel and enjoyable way for people to measure their health, and watch as it improves.

Victoria’s Promise Appoint a Director of Scientific Research!

We are incredibly excited to be able to announce to our supportive and rapidly growing community a pivotal and progressive step forward in our on-going development. We have made no secret of the fact that targeted and impactful research is a huge part of our vision…
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I am delighted to be on board with Victoria’s Promise. The cause and Victoria’s story really resonated with me, it made me want to help make a difference to other women like Victoria. I am hugely excited to be able to bring impactful research opportunities to VP and hope to make real steps forward in innovative cancer care. Dr Helen O’Neill

Director of Scientific Research

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