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Promise Bears

NFTs that support women with cancer

Be part of something BIG. Promise Bears are the first UK-based charity NFT collection. Every NFT sold will support one woman through their cancer journey.

Promise Bears

Launching august 1st 2022


We're LIVE! Buy your Promise Bears via the link below:


An innovative cancer charity that supports young women through their cancer journey and beyond.

Victoria’s Promise have teamed up with renowned artist ‘Penny Crayon NFT’ to launch their own collection of digital art, the first of its kind. Penny Crayon, who was recently invited to give a talk at the Tate modern on her artworks, has donated her time, skills and expertise to create and curate a collection of Promise Bears, and they are awesome!

The NFT Collection

Each bear in the 5000 piece collection has unique characteristics, attitudes with traits of varying rarity and every single one of them has arrived to help bring more young ladies struggling with cancer into the care and empowerment of the VP community.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are a fast emerging phenomena in the art world that utilises blockchain technology to allow for artists to be able to authenticate their artwork in the digital space. Since the emergence of the internet, artists have been unable to control the ownership and therefore the value of their art online, due to the ease of replication of digital formats.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) puts the power back in the hands of the artists and allows for collectors and fans of the art to own authentic originals, one-off pieces and more directly support the artists they enjoy. If Picasso was alive today, he could mint and release 10 pieces of art in a digital format with an NFT attached and no matter how many people took screenshots of that art, only 10 would be authenticated by their NFT. The value of art has always been in its authenticity.

This technology is revolutionising the world of art. Creating new opportunities for economic growth and stores of value in beauty and creativity.


We understand that the world of Crypto and NFTs is new for many people. That’s why we’ve put together an FAQ and some guides to help you. Should you have any questions or need support on purchasing a ‘Promise Bear NFT’ upon launch, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via

About Victoria's Promise

Victoria’s Promise is a charity that was founded to keep the promise of Victoria Van der Westhuizen, whom having been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, at age 29, 6 months after her father had passed from the disease, vowed to use her experience to go onto support others that are having to undergo the same journey. Victoria did not see her 30th birthday, however, her family decided to keep her promise. The charity is now supporting over 600 young women and their families with a tightly knit community, educational and empowering meet-ups, workshops, nature days, counselling, bereavement and domestic support.

Victoria always had a real affinity for bears and held one close to her heart throughout her two months of intensive treatment before she passed. Now there is an army of bears that have arrived to help spread her promise far and wide.

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Donate with Algorand Crypto

With the launch of our new Promise Bears NFT collection to help raise money for women with cancer, we are now accepting donations to our Charity Algorand Wallet.

Our wallet address is below. Simply click copy icon below to copy the address to your clipboard.

VP Charity Wallet address


VP Charity NFDomains


Promise Bears address & NFDomain



Promise Bears address & NFDomain VPCHY3DDKLUB7LQWJ4X4PBA2SZZGW5E5Y3KN6Z7OS5Q6RDJQRYCWDVFRYM Promisebears.algo
long peaks 2


Peak hike to raise awareness

There were many reasons that I was inspired to hike for Victoria’s Promise. Personally, my journey started in the crypto space as a collector and a fellow amateur artist. When I first saw Penny Crayon’s creations, I couldn’t help but spend my extra days waiting for her drops. So I might collect a character that I identified with. It happened many times, so much so that I haven’t sold one of my Penny Crayon NFTs because I identify with each one so much. I call them my heist crew. I need to come up with a funny Oceans 11-themed name for them.

Get notified when we launch

We’ll be going live on August 1st at 9:30pm BST. If you want to be notified when we officially launch, fill in your information below and we’ll email you on launch day.