Jane Wilkinson

The Body Mentor: Yoga Teacher & Biomechanics Coach

Jane trained in Musical Theatre at The Arts Educational Schools and then pursued a career as a showgirl. At the age of 25 she was involved in a major car crash, luckily after 2 years of rehabilitation and determination, she recovered and so began her next career path in the fitness industry.
Over the last 20 years Jane has trained and taught many different disciplines, including aqua, swimming, yoga and biomechanics.   As a Body MOT/Fitness Coach she uses health tests and measures. Through these she creates realistic, measurable goals for clients and designs bespoke health & wellbeing packages.
Jane’s aim is to inspire and encourage people to become more aware of their bodies from the inside to the outside, creating more discipline, awareness and confidence of their health and wellbeing. She uses the physical aspects of yoga to lead and create a class through a mindful flow, releasing, strengthening and stretching the body.

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