Katy Downs

Art Therapist

Katy qualified as an art therapist in 2002. She has worked in a variety of settings such as hospice day care and adult mental health, but now primarily works with children in school settings. She also has a private practice based in Windsor.

Katy believes in the power of art to help people explore their feelings and communicate. When times are difficult art can be meditative and relaxing. She says that one of the things about using art is that, when left to use words for expression, people will often say what they know; people can be adept at saying what they are comfortable saying, or the words that they think are acceptable and/or right.

Making art and all the choices within that process can allow the person to have control at a time when many other choices are limited through illness. Art therapy can also allow the client to take on the role of artist rather than patient.

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