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Get Involved

There are lots of different ways to get involved, raise money and help continue to support young women, and their families, through cancer. Click below to find out more:

You heard right...

Shop & Donate

That’s right… You can donate (at no cost to you) just by simply shopping. There are some amazing companies that will contribute on eligible purchases to the charity of your choice. Shop at these retailers and have them donate to Victoria’s Promise on your behalf.

Stuck for an idea?


Victoria’s Promise is hugely grateful and wonderfully impacted by our community. Good hearted people like you testing themselves, challenging themselves and going out of their way to raise funds to support young women through cancer. Below find some resources you’ll need to get started. Stuck for an idea? Scroll down to get help with the various different types of ways to fundraise for Victoria’s Promise.


From Home

Watch a film at home instead of going to the cinema and donate the cost of your ticket. Better yet, run a movie/cinema night from your home, invite your friends round and have everyone donate the cost of their cinema tickets.

Invite your friends over for brunch or arrange a dinner party. Get your work colleagues involved and have a bake off.
Have fun with your mates at home or via zoom with your own quiz night. Each team makes a donation to Victoria’s Promise.
Have you got a birthday coming up? Set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser and ask your friends to help you reach your target.

Sports Activities

There are many different running events you can take part in, for example – half marathon, full marathon, Tough Mudder.

You can cycle to work, perform an endurance challenge, set a distance goal or even just do a fun ride.

You can take part in and run a charity sports event for many different types of sports football, rugby, cricket. You can even run a sports day or golf day. 

Climb a mountain, spinning, Zumba, rowing, swimming, gym, triathlons.

Other Activities

Face your fears and tackle a phobia, skydiving, zorbing, abseiling, zip wire.

Use your skill or profession to create or offer your services in exchange for a donation to Victoria’s Promise.

Bake sales, dinner roulette, host a tea party, ask for donations instead of birthday or Christmas gifts. You could even do a Karaoke night.

Create and sell calendars, make your own birthday or Christmas card, start a charity lottery. Run a car boot sale or sell old furniture, goods and clothes.

Join the team


Would you like to volunteer and become part of Team VP?

There are so many ways you can volunteer from helping at one of our events to setting up and running a local fundraising group.

If you would like to help us then please get in touch.

You can even help spread the word about how the Victoria’s Promise Tribe supports each other and all the amazing work that is going on. Share our social media posts and tag us in them. Talk about us and recommend us to someone who might need our help.

Join the team

Nominate Us

Victoria’s Promise could not operate without the help from businesses that believe in our mission. If you can help then please get in touch and we can talk about how we can help each other. Take a look at some of our partners and supporters below.

Get notified when we launch

We’ll be going live on August 1st at 9:30pm BST. If you want to be notified when we officially launch, fill in your information below and we’ll email you on launch day.