Victoria’s Promise Supports Everyone

A cancer diagnosis can often bring uncertainty, a need to adjust life and an emotional journey. Whilst we know that supporting our young women is the first step in helping a family unit as a whole, we also realise that the specialised services we offer can also give much-needed aid throughout a cancer journey.

As stated by The National Institute of cancer ‘When you find out you have cancer, daily routines may change for everyone. Schedules may be focused around treatment. Someone in your family may need to take time off from work to drive you to treatments. Or, perhaps you need help paying bills or cooking meals. You may need help with chores and errands. ‘

How do we support our women and their families?

Part of our mission at Victoria’s Promise is to provide our young women with personalised support and treatment services that best increase the chance of survival and quality of life. This doesn’t stop with just supporting the women but also closer family.

We offer a range of services such as:

  • Childcare – Having listened to their young women VP found that a huge hidden challenge of the illness is keeping up with housework and childcare during treatment visits. VP therefore now provide domestic cleaning and child care services.
  • Cleaning – Keeping up with the housework can be difficult when going through certain types of treatment that leave you feeling fatigued. We want to ensure that our ladies have a peaceful, clean and relaxing environment to recover in. We have professional cleaners, to come in and give the house a blitz.
  • Counselling – Extensively qualified and experienced counsellors are on hand immediately to work with the young women, their partners and children at the most difficult of times.
  • Coaching – Hand-picked cancer coaches are there to support in practical positive steps forward with emotional challenges such as anxiety, stress and fear

We know that these small things can make a big impact on our women’s journey from testimonials we receive. Often small changes can offer more time with family as well as that essential support for the loved ones around them so they can support the VIP.

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Published by Becky Facey