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VP Community App

Why Join the
VP Community App?

We wanted to find a way to make the biggest impact of support across the UK and the world as we possibly could for young women going through their cancer journey, so we created the VP Community App. Simply apply to join and once approved you’ll be joining a community of hundreds of women that you can connect to on a personal level, that really understand what it is you and your family are going through.

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Stronger Together

The Victoria’s Promise App is a private community app available to women everywhere aged between 18 and 50. Our Community App offers the opportunity to meet other women of similar age and similar lifestyle, who get what you are going through, for friendship and support, so that they feel a community spirit with those on a similar journey to themselves. Not only do we have this community for our VP Ladies, but their family are welcome to join their own private ‘room’ (Husband/ Partner, Mothers, Fathers and Siblings private chat) to connect with other family members of women going through a similar journey.


VP Calendar

We run multiple webinars and workshops every single week that can be joined in from the comfort of your own home without having to go anywhere.

Some of these webinars & workshops include Mindfulness, Health & Nutrition, Yoga, Beauty and many more… 


Still have questions? We’ve put together a handy FAQ below that may be able to help answer them, if you still would like to find out more about how we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Absolutely not! We are a charity and as per all our support services, there is no money involved. Just the many kind and amazing individuals that work along side us to help support our VP Ladies and their families.

Because we only support 18-50 year old women going through their cancer journey we unfortunately do have to have an application process so that we can make sure we’re helping the ladies that our charity supports. The app is also an invite-only private community app to respect the privacy of the members inside.

We try our best to get back to you within 24 hours of your application, however, depending on the volume of applications and also the limited resources of our team, sometimes this can vary. We kindly ask for your patience and if you feel you application may have been missed or something went wrong, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to follow up.

No problem, we have a safe space for each and every one of them in the community. They simply need to apply HERE once you’ve already been approved and are in the community app and then we will process their application and send them an invite to get involved.

Yes! The VP Community App is an invite-only private community for the women we support and their family members. The app has several groups for the various types of individuals coming into the community all of which are private to those specific group types.

For example, the VP Ladies have their own Tribe group that nobody else has access to, not even your family members. Your family members will have their very own group that is private to them so they can feel safe talking about what they’re experiencing and going through.

With the world wide events of COVID-19 through 2020-2021 and beyond, it’s become very clear that being able to connect with people is massively important for all of us. Our app allows you to do that…

The mental benefits of having a huge group of people behind you that you know you can connect with with a few taps of your thumb are HUGE, as well as interacting in weekly events, the VP Community App can have a HUGE impact on your life. 

Get notified when we launch

We’ll be going live on August 1st at 9:30pm BST. If you want to be notified when we officially launch, fill in your information below and we’ll email you on launch day.