Victoria's Promise to Winchester Campaign

VP Launch Campaign To Support New Hospital In 2018

Young women with cancer treated in Winchester are in need of crucial support services provided by Victoria’s Promise.

Having seen the impact on the young women and families of Basingstoke, Winchester now look to Victoria’s Promise to extend their service reach.

Victoria’s Promise improve the quality of life of young women with cancer and are described by their friends and families as “priceless.” Angela, supported by Victoria’s Promise, declares, “VP changed everything in my life. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like now, had I not found Victoria’s Promise.”

Support services include:

VIP Care Guardian: a pillar of strength for every young woman Victoria’s Promise support, coordinating the below services and working with the hospital care team. 

Counselling and Coaching: available one-to-one, from day one, supporting the psychological wellbeing of young women and their families.

Specialist Oncology Massage: to reduce anxiety, pain and nausea.

Chemotherapy Beauticians and Wig Provision: advice on safe products to use throughout chemotherapy, tutorials around hair loss and skin ailments and the sourcing and funding of high quality wigs.

Domestic Concierge: childcare support and cleaning services to support the family home.

Post Treatment Nutritional Therapy: to support recovery and help prevent recurrence.

VP Women’s Monthly Network: reducing the feeling of isolation by bringing young women going through cancer together in fun, educational workshops and social events.

Support The Campaign

Bring VP’s critical services to the young women undergoing cancer treatment at Winchester Hospital.

“You can be a part of something that will help redefine cancer care in Winchester, creating a legacy of meaningful impact that will go on to support hundreds of people in years to come. Please help us to bring our services to Winchester by investing and helping us reach the right people to make this dream a reality. We are stronger together.”

Alex Eastman


Support The Campaign

Bring VP’s critical services to the young women undergoing cancer treatment at Winchester Hospital.

The Demand

Currently Victoria’s Promise provide a full range of support services for young women diagnosed at the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and their families. The feedback has been outstanding to date and the demand is therefore growing rapidly. VP are committed to the young women they support, their recovery and their families. VP are also committed to the depth and quality of their services, all of which are proven, popular and well supported by the oncology health teams: 

VP is a life-changing charity with an incredible impact, highly regarded amongst patients and oncology nurse specialists. We are hoping the local community will pull together to support bringing Victoria’s Promise to the people of Winchester.” 

Dan Parr, Cancer Services, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

“There are no other organisations that we can point our young women to for help in the service areas you [Victoria’s Promise] offer. At least not without long waiting lists. I know of many young women who would immediately benefit greatly from your support. We are very excited about the prospect of being able to offer your services to our young women.”

VP exists because there is a huge gap in care for young women suffering with cancer, and RHCH Winchester Oncology Nurse Specialists, Cancer Services Leads, and VP’s own research has confirmed that there is an ever growing demand in RHCH Winchester. However, Victoria’s Promise do not yet have the funds to extend their services to the young women diagnosed at RHCH Winchester.

Funding would therefore be transformational, for the young women receiving their support and their families; transformational for the community of Winchester. It will enable VP to support the young women of RHCH Winchester hospital living with cancer and in desperate need of personalised psychological, emotional, physical and practical support outside hospital.

Would you like to be involved in the campaign? We would love to hear from you.

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