What is Art Journalling?

Art Journaling is a beautiful creative safe space to create a visual language to help process how you feel.

The only requirement for Art Journaling is to let your mind guide your hands. The result is always something beautiful and unexpected.

My Core Art Journaling workshops are a place to play with an assortment of art materials, and writing exercises in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Core Art Journaling helps lead you to deeper awareness and understanding, as we explore and process our thoughts and feelings. Art journaling as a form of creative self-expression.

Why I Art Journal?
When I was experiencing a difficult time and living in the French Alps on my own I wasn’t getting my feelings and emotions resolved. Art journaling really helped me when I was looking for a safe space to process how I was feeling. I loved that there weren’t any rules and the sense of play in my journals became a place for me to unload and make sense of what was going on in my life.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt using tools like free flow writing and the magic of being able to scrawl unconsciously onto my page unhealthy mind chatter. Art journaling became a realistic creative cathartic space for me work out and heal my difficulties.

I knew it was going to be painted over and I love layering my pages writing, stamping, drawing and playing with mixed media using my journal daily to help me heal.

With Core Art Journaling there are not art rules all that is asked is to be true to yourself.

Creativity is our own personal voice and at the heart of what makes us as human.

What I do

I run workshops and retreats where I facilitate and guide how to use Art Journaling as a creative Wellbeing tool.

We have fun there are no rules, you can get messy, play and paint like a child enjoying sensorial painting with fingers and play with mixed media. Art Journaling is not about pretty pictures or making something look right it about processing, connecting mindfully and enjoying the freedom of creating.


Why would you Art Journal?

You process your feelings and thoughts.

Relieves anxiety by allowing yourself not to be control of the outcome of the page.

You are guided to get out what’s in your head onto the page.

You find a deeper sense of yourself.

Relieves stress and builds your self esteem.

Sense of empowerment with your journal recording your world and life.

My altered books are environmentally friendly, up cycling old books and give them a new life and story.

We liberate ourselves shutting down any inner critic that tells us we are not creative

Its cathartic.


How it can help recovery.

Art Journaling can help cancer patients, the process of releasing strong emotions through an Art Journaling community either physically or online is a positive recovery tool and the Mindful practice of art has proven to create positive changes.

It’s a release to visually work through all those feeling that can arise with a diagnosis and treatment. Your art journal can be powerful healing tool in that journey. All those thoughts get processed through emotional mark making and is cathartic.

Best of all it’s a realistic creative self-care action. Anyone can art journal at home setting yourself up a small area and giving yourself even just 15mins a day can be beneficial.

“Creativity is great medicine for all, both the creator and the one who experiences it. It is not an indulgence; it is fundamental to medical practice.”  Patch Adams


5 things about Core Art Journaling

You don’t need any Art experience

You can collect and find a home for treasured pieces.

It a positive way to process bad head space.

You can document your life and progress

Its fun!


© Deborah Porter Core Art Journaling