World Health Day

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year, which is something we are incredibly passionate about.

Therefore, what a better day to introduce a new service that we are offering to businesses. Our VP Wellbeing, Team Building and Training workshops are available to any business, from small, independent companies – to large conglomerates. At the workshops, you can expect a mixture of engaging talks. challenges, team building activities and expert lead workshops, to motivate employees by helping them take control of their health and wellbeing.


We chatted to our General Manager Dino, to find out more about the VP Wellbeing, Team Building and Training workshops.

What is it?

A programme to encourage employees to take ownership of their health by giving them direction, tips, motivation and actionable ideas.

Who is it for? 

It’s for anyone in an environment where they find themselves sitting for most of the day. For anyone who is interested in improving their performance, productivity and overall happiness and wellbeing, as well as for leaders who want to get the most from their staff.

Where is this available? 

Currently we are running workshops in Surrey, Hampshire and London, but we are in the process of becoming nationwide.

How long is the workshop?

There are two types of workshops available, we offer either half a day or a full day.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Give us a group of engaged employees and we will do the rest. We come to you and work around your office location and environment.


When is it available?


How many employees can be on the workshop?

We offer anything from 20 people for an intimate training day, to 200 people for a company wide event.

Who do I contact?

Me! Email and I would love to chat further with you.